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I am feeling down.

2013-06-25 07:18:30 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

Night, when you operate the test is not Christian Kidz conditioning, I contempated is to take the life of my own I. One thing that is hard sometimes, you know? Depression, you will receive bad as you may think it is the end of everything. I'm glad I As you can see now. I thank goodness for groups of Animation that helps me when I was sobbing at his desk between teeth as a pistol openly.

Hello, fanbucking! I have a new web site can be seen here, hello! dex.php

I think I crapped my dress on my back, because, well! Check, Please!

No, please do not insert that object into my rectum!

terrible bad new :(

2011-07-10 04:28:25 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

greedings fan buckeries. i must take time off from flashing today for some thing sersious. i am arfaid to rrappor bad nuews.

i wake up in morning from bed to go over to brush teeth, and i find that favorite pet hamster, Gerbil died today!

i am destroyed. i am unhappy feeling cuz Gerbil was favorite hamster! i remmember fondly wen gerbiel ran in hamster loop for exersising. i remember da nites i spend near his cage and talk to him and he listen, wile eating delicious russian carrot. i have many frend, but gerbil truest of friend. he never judge, he only sleep in cage and eat his young.

rip gerbil. u will miss. i made memory picture for him. please take a time to watch it.

thank you fannies

Link to Picture

Haha! I make funi joke! ur not rly homosapies! haha

i make new post to let know that a butts and dogs is now on the internet!!!! now everything you wait for is right here right now~!!!

click the link IF U DARE

ha ha
i make another funni jok!

ps. i like ur mom. i think she very prety

boy! am on a roll today! i make myself humor :3

Hey Homo romatisexuals!

Greetings fanbuckers! I have been in discussing talks with fellow rears and bulldogs crew! We decided to learn C# BASIC and program application for you!

Was supposed to be secret, but i secretly tell you now. don't tell anyone else or i will get the red army to explode your house!

We am making application for Butts and Dogs for portable device! Now if you own portable, you shall able to be viewing favorite Butts and Dogs applications on your little screen!

application includes ability to sort by alphamale. it also includes social internetting! You will love our application very much! I know i do!

Note: application only for Zune HD. Sorry!

Have a yes day!

for all portable device originators!

i greet you on this fine day of september!

I apolgies. If you may have collected, my english communcicating skill abilities are rather homosensual! (that is what a good akuantense informed me to say!)

nows times to give you biography of origins of futbucker !! :)

once upon a clock, futtbucker originated in scandinavia, Russia! He was arrive into world by love of greased rod of father and penetration of mother! Futbucker interest include: good russian entertainment! other arts interests include modern warfare on sega box thirty six! i always have been admirer of 6-bit gaming!

that is end of blog for today. if excuse, i ingested south american food and now i have horrendously painful explosions of foul brown anal liquid!

below is pic of brother

plz comment! i appreciate your retorts!

Greetings FanBuckers!!


2011-03-09 11:09:58 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

does anyone posess a sonic graphick which i may borrow for my next animation? I would use silly american search motors to sort through web for me but internet no work

thanks in before!


latest butts and dogs game get blam!

i try to deliver proudest gaming experience but work of mine becomes blam!

you american don't no good game when it is witnessed of you!! bah!!

i manufacture new title graphic for networking page on newgrounds!~ please ensure feedback!

thank you have good day now :^)

am make new game!

2011-02-10 17:12:23 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

greetings buddies of newgrounds portel. i with friends make video game!

sorry video game only work on linux. it not work for windows pc or mac. sorry we are small game company we dont have da resourses.

game is here! click hyperlink play

am make new game!


2011-02-09 00:14:07 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

had delete butss and dogs epissode 2.5

tecnical difficulties

to assist email me at futtbucker@z7n4-nm3vr.39b