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Entry #12

I am feeling down.

2013-06-25 07:18:30 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

Night, when you operate the test is not Christian Kidz conditioning, I contempated is to take the life of my own I. One thing that is hard sometimes, you know? Depression, you will receive bad as you may think it is the end of everything. I'm glad I As you can see now. I thank goodness for groups of Animation that helps me when I was sobbing at his desk between teeth as a pistol openly.


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2013-08-14 07:52:31

Aw try to feel better


2013-09-18 23:20:25

You can do it!


2014-08-20 21:24:57

That that's so 90's song.... wtf XD


2014-10-03 18:48:56

Lol wow that was a mean review.....Im a changed person...........Your stuff is ok though enjoyable