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Greetings FanBuckers!!

2011-03-10 02:32:24 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

i greet you on this fine day of september!

I apolgies. If you may have collected, my english communcicating skill abilities are rather homosensual! (that is what a good akuantense informed me to say!)

nows times to give you biography of origins of futbucker !! :)

once upon a clock, futtbucker originated in scandinavia, Russia! He was arrive into world by love of greased rod of father and penetration of mother! Futbucker interest include: good russian entertainment! other arts interests include modern warfare on sega box thirty six! i always have been admirer of 6-bit gaming!

that is end of blog for today. if excuse, i ingested south american food and now i have horrendously painful explosions of foul brown anal liquid!

below is pic of brother

plz comment! i appreciate your retorts!

Greetings FanBuckers!!


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2011-03-11 21:19:18

yukkButz 12