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for all portable device originators!

2011-03-16 09:48:09 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

Greetings fanbuckers! I have been in discussing talks with fellow rears and bulldogs crew! We decided to learn C# BASIC and program application for you!

Was supposed to be secret, but i secretly tell you now. don't tell anyone else or i will get the red army to explode your house!

We am making application for Butts and Dogs for portable device! Now if you own portable, you shall able to be viewing favorite Butts and Dogs applications on your little screen!

application includes ability to sort by alphamale. it also includes social internetting! You will love our application very much! I know i do!

Note: application only for Zune HD. Sorry!

Have a yes day!

for all portable device originators!


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2011-04-14 21:47:39