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terrible bad new :(

2011-07-10 04:28:25 by futtbuckerfuttbucker

greedings fan buckeries. i must take time off from flashing today for some thing sersious. i am arfaid to rrappor bad nuews.

i wake up in morning from bed to go over to brush teeth, and i find that favorite pet hamster, Gerbil died today!

i am destroyed. i am unhappy feeling cuz Gerbil was favorite hamster! i remmember fondly wen gerbiel ran in hamster loop for exersising. i remember da nites i spend near his cage and talk to him and he listen, wile eating delicious russian carrot. i have many frend, but gerbil truest of friend. he never judge, he only sleep in cage and eat his young.

rip gerbil. u will miss. i made memory picture for him. please take a time to watch it.

thank you fannies

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2011-08-11 11:53:30